Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Normal BAC?

In U.S, you're considered legally impaired when your blood alcohol level (BAC) is 0.08% or higher. In some states like Utah, the limit goes down to 0.05%.

If your BAC is at or over 0.08%, you will most likely be arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) or Public Intoxication (PI). A normal BAC is 0.0% which means there is no alcohol in your system- but if your BAC is greater than 0.0%, you can be charged.

What BAC is Fatal?

If BAC in a human body reaches the range of 0.40%, it is potentially classified as fatal due to alcohol poisoning. 0.40% is the accepted lethal dose for more than 50% of adult humans. The fatalily depends on the body type and on the fact that how heavy of a drinker you are. In rare cases, some people who are heavy drinkers, will probbaly get fatal alcohol poisoning at around 0.80% BAC since their body is used to a lot of alcohol.

How is BAC Calculated?

Blood alcohol level or blood alcohol content (BAC) is the concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream. It is usually measured as mass per volume. For example, a BAC of 0.08% means there is 0.08 grams of alcohol per 100 grams of individual’s blood. Use the BAC Calculator below for the purpose of your knowledge only. Do Not drink and drive or drink and work, it could be very Dangerous for you and your life!

What is a BAC Chart?

0.020-0.039% - No loss of coordination, slight euphoria, and loss of shyness. Relaxation, but depressant effects are not apparent.

0.040-0.059% - Feeling of well-being, relaxation, lower inhibitions, and sensation of warmth. Euphoria. Some minor impairment of judgment and memory, lowering of caution.

0.06-0.099% - Slight impairment of balance, speech, vision, reaction time, and hearing. Euphoria. Reduced judgment and self-control. Impaired reasoning and memory.

Complete Chart Here

How many drinks does it take to get to 08?

One drink is considered to be one 12 fl. oz. beer, one 5 fl. oz. glass of wine, or one 1.5 fl. oz. shot of liquor. 

• At 140 lbs., it takes about four drinks an hour to reach a .08 BAC.

• At 180 lbs it takes about five drinks an hour to reach a .08 BAC.

• At about 220 lbs it takes around six drinks an hour to reach a .08 BAC.

Can you cheat a Breathalyzer?

Breath fresheners such as gum, mints, or sprays may cover up the odor, but they cannot change the amount of alcohol present in your breath. Some mouthwash even contains alcohol, and therefore can inflate BAC readings.

While you can not cheat a breathalyzer, you can take a couple of shots of UNBOOZED™ after drinks so that it starts to reduce the BAC Level in your body the moment you ingest it. 

What BAC is dangerous?

Although any level of alcohol in your body is dangerous, but in general, a BAC is dangerous when it starts to go past 0.08%, as per the law. But a BAC is more dangerous between 0.100-0.129% where significant impairment of motor coordination and loss of good judgment can occur . Speech may be slurred; balance, peripheral vision, reaction time, and hearing will be impaired.

How long after drinking can I pass a breathalyzer?

To pass a breathalyzer means reducing your BAC level to below 0.05% for it to be legal under the law. Although, usually it takes around 6-8 hours for your BAC level to go down naturally, it depends on a number of reasons. There is no way of exactly saying how long after drinking can I pass a breathalyzer, because it depends on how much is your body weight, how many drinks have you had, what drink did you have, if you mixed your drinks or not, and what did you eat. 

How accurate are BAC tests?

BAC Tests are done by machines, and every machine has a margin of error, but more or less, 99.99%, these BAC tests are accurate, although it depends on the condition and brand of the machine as well. Some of the most popular ones are this, this and this

Accuracy of the BAC test depends on the amount of alcohol in your breath- and jokes apart, can happen after you have done your mouthwash as well. Since most mouthwashes contain alcohol in them, they could potentially show up in the Breathalyzer readings! 

What Bac Can you die at?

There was a recent case in Las Vegas, Nevada where a young man was joining his friends for a weekend party in the sin city. His friends had reached in the morning and were out by the pool drinking and dipping in the pool under the warm sun. This young man reached in the evening and in order to catch up his friends at their carefree level, drank up an entire bottle of vodka. In about ten minutes, he fainted and went into coma and subsequently died next morning. 

For a BAC level to be lethal at 0.40%+ where an onset of coma will occur, and possible death due to respiratory arrest as well would eventually happen.

How many drinks put you over the legal limit?

In some states like Ohio, legal limit is set to 0.05%, that can be achieved in about a couple of vodka shots or whiskey over rocks. But to know exactly how many drinks put you over the legal limit, depends purely upon how many drinks have you had and what is your body weight, along with how many hours has it been since your last drink; how much food do you have in your system. To calculate an approximate BAC Level, click here.

What is the highest blood alcohol level ever recorded?

The highest blood alcohol level ever recorded was at 1.480 BAC. After a car crash that resulted in serious injuries, a Polish man's BAC was taken and it was 1.480%. That's the highest BAC ever recorded in known history. Source here.

What level of alcohol is considered unsafe for driving?

UNBOOZEDurges you to Never Drink and Drive! Take an Uber, or a Lyft, or ask a friend to drop you home. At a BAC level between 0.100-0.129% of alcohol is considered unsafe for driving. It is at this BAC level in the body where significant impairment of motor coordination and loss of good judgment can occur. At this BAC Level, speech may be slurred; balance, peripheral vision, reaction time, and hearing will be impaired. 

How do you beat a breathalyzer test?

Beating a breathalyzer is not that easy especially when you don’t know how much alcohol do you have in your system. A breathalyzer test can only be beaten if you have a BAC level that is lower than the legal limit of 0.08% or 0.05% in some states and special nights. UNBOOZEDcan naturally help you reduce your BAC level and beat a breathalyzer test, however much depends on the amount of alcohol in your body and total number of shots of UNBOOZED™ that you take to combat the alcohol molecules in your bloodstream. 

At what BAC Do you blackout?

A lot of people at parties take shots after shots and then blackout! Vodka shots are so potent that they directly mix with your bloodstream and increase your BAC level rapidly. This quickens the process of blackout specially if you have had too many shots on an empty stomach, which most people do. At a BAC Level of 0.200-0.249% a person needs assistance in walking as he attains total mental confusion. The person also has to deal with dysphoria, nausea and vomiting, also sometimes leading to a possible blackout. 

How long does it take your body to break down one standard drink?

One standard drink means either one large glass of wine (250 ml), or a pint of beer (24 oz), or a large whiskey peg (120ml). It usually takes your body around 3 hours to break down one standard drink. But most of it depends on the kind of drink that you are having. With a pint of IPA or a strong beer, that is equivalent to 3 regular beer pints, it could take longer than usual - up to 6 - 9 hours for your body to break down one standard drink.

How do you get rid of alcohol breath fast?

The only way you can get rid of alcohol breath fast is by either eating raw fruits, food and vegetables, or a chewing gum etc. But getting rid of alcohol breath fast is not easy and requires a lot of food and fruits molecules to break down the alcohol content in the body. Since the body takes times to digest the food and transfer its nutrients into the bloodstream, it could take anywhere from an hour or two hours after you have had your drinks and food that you might be able to get rid of your alcohol breath. Another way is to drink a 30 ml shot of UNBOOZED™, walk for 15-20 minutes so that the drink gets absorbed in your bloodstream, then, check your BAC Level on a breathalyzer and realize if you got rid of alcohol breath or not!

Is a breathalyzer as accurate as a blood test?

No one can certainly say which technique is better, but a breathalyzer is not as accurate as a blood test. This is because a blood test is a more detailed one where the amount of alcohol in the blood is analyzed in a pathology laboratory chemical test. Since breathalyzers also use batteries and is primarily an electronic device, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. 

To calculate an approximate BAC level of your body, checkout the UNBOOZED BAC Calculator. 

Can a breathalyzer test be wrong?

A breathalyzer test can be wrong if the breathalyzer machine that is being used is not calibrated or old, or has drained out batteries. or not manufacttured right. A breathalyzer test can also be wrong if the person being tested has not had any alcohol but still has some alcohol in his breath due to using mouthwash etc. 

What percentage of alcohol in your blood will kill you?

Frankly speaking, it depends on the body type of a person and the amount of alcohol inside his bloodstream. But, in general, 0.40% percentage of alcohol in your body will kill you as it is scientifically lethal and fatal. For more detailed chart, click here.

Can I drive after drinking?

UNBOOZED™ urges you to never drive after drinking! Drinking and driving can be very dangerous and even fatal. Although UNBOOZED™ helps reduce your BAC level naturally. it is highly cautioned that you should never drink and drive any vehicle or operate any machine after drinking. Drinking alcohol is not only bad for liver but also is the major cause of hair loss in men.

What is legal alcohol limit?

Legal alcohol limit depends on state to state. For example, in California, legal alcohol limit is at 0.08 BAC Level with 0.01 tolerance, with enhanced penalty level being at 0.15. For state by state BAC level chart, click here.

How does UNBOOZED™ help reduce BAC level?

UNBOOZED™ is an all natural enzyme drink that is made by fermenting over one hundred different fruits, herbs & vegetables that break down alcohol molecules in the body and reduce BAC level, naturally.

Is UNBOOZED™ FDA Approved?

Actually, no dietary supplement is “approved” by the FDA. They are, however, stringently regulated and must comply with the provisions of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act as regulated by the FDA.